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Song Activity _ Food

Song Activity

Fast Food Rockers - Fast food rock
Age - 7 to 13
Vocabulary - food
Skills - listening and speaking

Listen and watch the music video:


Face Parts

Face Parts worksheet

Age: 6 to 9
Vocabulary: face parts, colors, numbers 1-10
Grammar: To have, and to be
Skills: reading, writing, matching


Talking about cowboys

A great wordsearch to introduce American culture, clothes and western vocabulary ... It's excellent introducing with Woddy from Toy Story Movie

Vocaulary: Cowboy, horse, shirt, jeans, boots, hat, cow

Animals + Can Worsheet

This is a great activity for very young learners ... from seven to ten years old.

Here students will check their reading and writing abilities

Vocabulary - wild animals
Grammar - modal can - Abilities

Mexican Flag Reading

This is a worsheet for basic students and they can learn about the meaning of the colors and its history!

I hope you like it!
Download HERE!

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone!

I create this new blog
www.englishprintables.com to share all my experience during these 8 years I've been teaching English!
Here you will find activities, worksheet, ppt. presentations, projects ideas, web sites suggetions and etc...

I hope you like it and you can send your suggestions so you can share with everyone!

Thank you very much!

Teacher Carol

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